1. A bike
  2. WordPress
  3. Diet Chef 
  4. MyFitnessPal iPhone app
  5. A turbo trainer
  6. A Garmin cycle computer
The list probably tells you that I’m a bit of a geek. I love a stat! How many calories in and out? How many miles cycled? What gradient was that?
As part of the cycle to work scheme I have bought a new bike, essentially saving 41% off the rrp and having a virtual 0% interest loan. I went for the GT Tachyon 2.0 2012. I wanted a road bike, but not the drop bars. This bike fits the bill nicely, and is from a brand I love following my years on a GT Pantera 1996.
The trainer is a Volare Elite Mag+, it’s has an elastogel coating to keep the noise down, and it can be adjusted from a handlebar mount.
I’m using Diet Chef to take the hassle out of the first few months. It’s prepackaged food, at a reasonable price.  I’ll learn portion control, and because it’s prepackaged have more quality time with my bike and baby son in the evenings.
MyFitnessPal is great, counts the calories in, even using barcodes, and has the most comprehensive database of food I can find.
The Garmin, as you would expect, is the best value bicycle computer I can find that will satisfy my inner geek.
WordPress is there for additional motivation, I like being held accountable.