I’ve been a bit quiet on here of late, largely because I didn’t look at the bike for two months. No excuses, I’m just a bit shit.  Then towards the end of November, the day after my son’s first birthday, I was rereading some early posts from other weight loss riders and developed some resolve, jumped on the bike on what was a relatively sunny day and did an 8 mile ride around my local area. Then I went out the next day, and the next, until I’d ridden for 7 days in a row.

Some of these days were pouring with rain, some of them were -4 celsius, most of them were down pitch black country lanes at 8pm; but I enjoyed all of each and every ride. Well, ok, almost all of every ride. What I enjoyed most was the sense of achievement that came from getting home, tired, sweaty and usually soaked having got 5 miles in for the day. I also did some turbo time on the evenings I couldn’t get out, when I was in sole charge of the boy child.

I decided to try and do 30 days of cycling in a row, and I was doing so well, so well until day 16 when I snapped a spoke. It snapped about 6 miles into my most ambitious ride to date. At the time I heard a ping but couldn’t see anything obviously wrong, so I did another 10 miles, up the two category 4 climbs over the North Downs and touching 35mph on the way down them on a wonky wheel. 



Click on the image above, hopefully it’ll show you the route etc.

This spoke snap came about 14 miles of riding (the next morning) after I had had the rear wheel trued by my LBS.

Never mind, I was at a friendly location and summoned my SAG crew to pick me up in the Landy.

I managed to get a new spoke fitted a day later, so, managed to keep up my ride-a-day momentum.

Then, last Friday I was struck with Norovirus – ’tis the season to vomit yourself inside out after all. Another two days lost there on the Friday and Sunday (on Saturday i rather foolishly pushed myself into a 8 mile quick ride, having not eaten for 36 hours and not realising how ill I still was) and subsequently spent Sunday curled up on the sofa.

Undetered, I thought “no worries, I’ll just aim for 30 rides in 30 days”. I went out on my usual dark 5 mile loop last night and 22 minutes later, 300 meters from arriving back home, as I put the power down, properly hard, *ping*. Another arseing spoke snapped.

As a result I’ll loose out on a ride tonight, and I think that’ll put a stop to being able to complete 30 rides in 30 days, catching up will be tricky.  


I still plan to ride everyday between between now and Christmas once this is fixed, hoping this is just sheer bad luck – and I’m going to investigate a hand-made rear wheel.  It does seem strange that after 400km of faultless riding I get two spokes go in such quick succession, and can’t help but wonder if it wasn’t something to do with the truing of the wheel that the bike shop (to remain nameless) undertook a couple of weeks ago.

Anyway, here’s my stats since I hit the pedals with a vengeance again on 24th November.