Inspired by other weight-loss cycling blogs out there I’m starting this to share the story, motivate myself and ultimately loose weight.

because, right now, when I ride, I look like an orange balanced on a credit card.

Today, 20th June 2012, the Summer Solstice, I’m 138.4kg. That’s almost 22 stone, or 308lbs.

Last year, about this time, I bought a mongrel bike from a friend. He had made it around 10 years previously, and at the time, it was the business. A mountain bike frame, some nice details, pizza cutters in the brakes and lots of adonised/powdercoated red detailing. I paid him £100.

On day one (map my ride tells me it was 19th June 2011) I cycled 2 miles and it almost killed me. I persevered and went out daily. In July I cycled 274km, and commuted to work from Kent to Battersea (27km each way) twice a week. In August and September I continued this, and cycled everywhere, clocking up 10 miles after work most nights when I didn’t commute.

On 9th October I completed the BHF Viking Ride, 85km. I was the second to last finisher, but that medal is still proudly hangs in the living room.

Then I put the bike away and didn’t ride it again for 7 months. I had a baby, bought a house far away from my cycling buddies, the distance put me back on the motorcycle for the commute, and, you know, it’s cold over the winter. I lost my drive and, as you can see, made some pretty awesome excuses.

I lost 10kg in those 4 months on the bike and was below 20stone for the first time since my teens.

My boss, clearly thinking that I was still reaping the benefits of my cycling explosion, signed me up to do the London to Brighton ride on 17th June, 4 days ago.

A week before the event, after some tough, pathetic, training rides, struggling to do 8 miles, I pulled out of the event. Made even more embarrassing because he completed it at 63 years old, having stepped off a long-haul flight from India 6 hours before the start.

I’ve subsequently taken advantage of the cycle to work scheme to buy a new bike and bought a turbotrainer, so I’ve got nowhere to hide. I live in one of the most beautiful parts of the world, I want to be out in it.

This blog is (hopefully) the comeback.