Just realised I never formally rounded out the month of June with a post.


  • I spent 292 miles in the saddle
  • 22 hours and 37 minutes
  • Just over 11,000 feet of climbing


Best month to date and it’s going to take some beating! So far it’s 16th July and I’ve cycled 96 miles, which isn’t bad considering I spent the first week of the month in Japan on business, so my first ride of the month wasn’t until 6th.


On 14th July I went for a ride with my cousin, we covered just 15 miles or so, but reminisced the whole way round. Stopping at our grandfather’s house, and our shared childhood memories, then calling in on his great-uncle.  Jim is a war historian who served in the merchant navy during World War II, and also remembers the start of the war and the Blitz from his early teenage years before he signed up.


Dog fights overhead and stories of the V1 and V2 bombs dropping on my home town are fascinating to me, and so much of this shaped the area today, new and old buildings juxtaposed, alongside the stories of his friends killed as they slept or attended weddings.  He is now retiring from his speaking engagements at he approaches his 90’s, and we could have sat and listened a lot longer.


After the tea and chat we headed off, taking time to visit a memorial plaque (no pics I’m afraid) in memory of a Hurricane fighter pilot who lost his life in the Battle of Britain, only for the plane to have lain undiscovered for many years, just feet from a main road and popular recreation area!

The strava ride


A great morning with some very poignant moments.