Not strictly cycling, but a fine review of a BBQ we hosted this weekend when we got lucky with the weather – no wheels turned though.

Food Eat Love

Hosting a barbecue in the UK can be a bit of a gamble. The weather is less than reliable and rain never seems to be far off! This weekend we were off to Kent for a nice summer barbecue at Oli and Amanda’s and everyone was asking the question “do you think it will rain?” Well, this weekend it didn’t, the day started with a bit of a grey haze but once that lifted it was a beautiful and sunny day! It is a bit like winning the lottery and I was very pleased to be wearing shorts!

The garden had something that I have to admit I immediately wanted, a pizza oven and this was such a simple but clever, and good looking solution!


The garden was full of beautiful flowers and I could not resist taking a few pictures.


The invite promised a lots of food, lots of…

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