I’ve been riding to and from the office to the car quite a lot recently, but I think it needs to stop for one very simple reason: money.

There’s no way I could complete the 27 mile ride twice a day, there are three category 4 hills in that mix and I would spend 6 hours a day commuting, so as you may recall, I have been driving to our old house in South East London and driving from there.  This entails a 44 mile round trip in the car each day, a thirsty old Land Rover. This car will do less than 15mpg in commuting traffic and with Diesel costing £1.45 per litre at the moment (£6 per Gallon/nearly $10 USD if you live there) then this is proving to be quite an expensive way of getting about at around £18 per day just in fuel.

By way of contrast the train, which is expensive, is £17 per day, and the motorcycle is about £8 per day, and faster. And Cooler.


Guess I’ll be back on the motorcycle until that lottery win comes in.