11km. That’s all I need to do tonight to break the 200km in August mark. One of the benefits of Britain is how we can effortlessly straddle the miles/km divide. Miles, with their 2000 years of history in the UK (since the Romans trampled all over our quaint measurement systems) are dear to all of our hearts; however, due to our proximity to Europe we’re accustomed to KM. Our car speedos show MPH and KPH, and frankly, right now, it suits me to be able to rattle on about KM to you.

I use Garmin connect and Strava. The garmin software is set to Miles, whilst Strava reports KM to me, and on Strava I am sitting at 189km for August, and I’d really like to break 200km tonight. My commute is only 9km though, and it is almost all uphill. Tacking an extra 2000 meters, or 1.24 miles onto that isn’t a proposition I’m relishing, especially with the knees throbbing again this morning.

That said, I need to do it tonight, I’m back on the motorcycle tomorrow, and I can’t let it hang at 198km when I get home…