There was a programme on the BBC earlier this week, presented by a Doctor who my wife and I find pretty watchable, and it was on one of our favourite subjects – weight loss. We tuned in…

I’ve attached the accompanying BBC website write up here, which nicely condenses the hour long programme into a bite sized chunk.

Essentially, the programme explores the concept of extreme low-calorie diets, day-on day-off fasting and the ideas of 5 days on, 2 days off fasting. And here’s the thing. The pragmatic, intelligent doctor/presenter is sold on it.

Many many health indicators of his move into the a healthy category, especially things like Cancer risks and cholesterol after just 5 weeks.

I know that nutrition is important when cycling etc, but I’m sorely tempted to explore it further, not necessarily for weight loss, but rather the overall health benefits.

Here’s a link to the programme itself (probably UK viewers only I’m afraid), I recommend giving it a look!