I’ve been a bit nervous about the two sky rides I’ve signed up to, one Edenbridge to Hever loop of about 11 miles, and another a 30 mile route around Sevenoaks, including up and down the Weald once or twice. I got off the turbo last night determined to get some road miles in after work tonight. So, when I got in I quickly swapped the 600cc Bandit for the Tachyon, and one helmet for another and hit the country lanes. And I didn’t do too badly…



I stopped twice to catch my breath, for just over a minute the first time, and for a couple of minutes the second time as I decided to take my inaugural Bike/Signpost picture at a pretty duckpond, about 6 miles into the ride, with 3 left.



Feeling rather pleased with myself after all that, small steps I know!

I also ordered some ‘aspirational’ cycling kit, starting with the Team GB Bibshorts. I haven’t mentioned them to the boss-lady… They weren’t exceptional value let’s say.