Well, I turned 32 over the weekend with very little in the way of progress in either cycling or weight loss.

I put the trainer away in advance of going to Manila as it was one less thing to tidy before our big housewarming/birthday BBQ on Saturday. As a result it’s been nearly two weeks since I was on the turbo. This will be set up again this evening as my wife has a late hair appointment and I’m on duty in case the boychild wakes.

When I traveled to Manila I packed my cycling gear as my hotel had a fully functioning health suite that I was intending to use, but time differences, jet lag and over-running meetings put paid to that idea; and I let myself down when it came to making use of the Etihad business class hospitality, I couldn’t say no to the Champagne and food on board or in the lounges. 

With this and our BBQ It is pure luck that I have not put any weight on since the start of this blog, I remain 139kg.

Last night I hit the road and did a confidence building 4 miles on the Tachyon (it needs a catchier name, don’t you think?). All the work on the trainer does seem to have paid off and my recovery time from over 180bpm and completely breathless to “normal” was just a couple of minutes. When I first got on a bike last year it was nearly 40 mins!

I’m going to nominate this little route as my short course for riding when I don’t have time for any more.



Overall, my total stats for July look like this:

Turbo Trainer time: 3:20 hours

Road miles: 5.59

Road time: 26:52 minutes

Weight: No loss/Gain

I have signed up for two Sky rides between now and 2nd September, one of 8 miles soon and one of 30 miles on 2nd September, completing the longer one is my next goal!