I do a lot of travel for work, and really struggle to control my food intake when I’m away.

Between now and the end of August I have trips lined up to Amsterdam (tomorrow in fact), Manila, Warsaw, Los Angeles, Lyon, Madrid and Milan.

My willpower is shocking, and between the food in the BA airline lounges, the food and booze in business class on-board and the food in hotels I struggle. That’s why I’ve found diet chef works for me, it’s calorie controlled, no thinking required.

I know there’s no-one going to solve this but me, so this is why I’m posting this – to hold myself accountable to an audience. Both of them.

I pledge to consume no more than 2000 calories a day, and abstain from the free bubbly and all forms of booze whilst I’m travelling, and I will use hotel gyms whenever possible.

I’ll also be honest on this blog about what happens.