My physio changed gears in the treatment of my back today and used acupuncture on me.  Despite numerous injuries over the years from Rugby, rock climbing and my old downhill MTB racing days, this was a first for me, and paying to have someone stick pins in me initially seemed a little 50 shades…

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t looking forward to this. The 20 odd-piercings I had in my early 20’s were less scary, fueled by teenage bravado, and a knowledge that the needle would be in transit rather than in situ.

After the usual small-talk we turned to business, and she had me lay on my front with my face poking through the cut-out. I watched as her feet ominously moved around the bed, strange rustling, tearing noises from the right occasionally as, one assumes, she gathered her needles.

Then, a flick, followed by a sting and a weird wiggle. A feeling of something very definitely being twisted inside me, but with no pain. This was repeated again and again, until one needle went right into the knot that developed around the slipped disc.

I almost hit the bloody roof. It was like a bolt of electricity went through me.

“Don’t worry, it’ll be worse on the way out”. Marvelous.

There followed a further two pins, in each of my hands, between thumb and forefinger. I have no idea what this has to do with my back, but at least gave me something to look at.

After some gentle rubbing, prodding and massage the pins were removed, one by one, some uncomfortably, some painlessly, some frankly like somebody stuck a whacking great needle in me.

If the purpose of acupuncture is to take your mind off of other discomforts, then it works. I couldn’t honestly say that I felt any better after the treatment, though the pain of a couple of the needles really just served to make me tense up, which one suspects is entirely counter productive.

Any differing experiences of relief that can be specifically related to acupuncture, rahter than the passage of time, pain killers or coincidence warmly received.

I’ve signed up to go again next week, after that I may revert back to normal physiotherapy.