Been given the all clear by the docs to start exercising, which means that the cycling can begin in earnest!

I’ve been thinking about the scheduling for this, as there’s very little leeway in my life, but I have to make these changes (and hope that my wife doesn’t get too grumpy about it!)

We both get in from work at about 7pm, her with our boy fresh from the childminder, and me on the motorbike back from the office. Then the schedule is dictated by the needs of our young heir usually very tired and grumpy by this stage. Whilst he is bathed by Mrs. OBOACC, I wash all of his bottles, cook dinner and prepare my wife’s lunch for the following day. We probably eat around 8pm, and finish up by around 8:30pm. 

This would be the natural point to go out, and part of the discipline required is to get up and go out, even if it’s just for 10 or 15 minutes to begin with.  The snag is generally we’re both exhausted by this point and thoughts turn to bed almost immediately after dinner, ready for the routine to start all over again at 5:45am when the alarm goes off and we all leave the house by 7am.

I need to find some time to dedicate to this, and get ‘sign off’ from my wife, as it will mean leaving her literally ‘holding the baby’ more than is fair until I build up to cycling as part of my 60-mile-a-day commute.

I suspect a lot of trial and error will ensue.