As my back is getting better, and has always been ok in cycling posture, I wanted to jump on the turbo trainer yesterday and get some ‘miles’ in whilst working from home (which is essentially off sick but still working – I work for a very small consultancy and am never really “off” even on holiday).

I adjusted the saddle forward 1 cm, and tilted the front up a hair’s breadth (remembering my earlier tail pipe discomfort) and jumped on, far more comfortable and natural feeling than before, I was also wearing my padded cycling shorts which no doubt helped a touch.  Popped something on the TV from the V+ (DVR) box that I knew my wife wouldn’t want to watch, I am a thoughtful soul, and started pedaling. Fairly steady and slow to ease myself in and not overtax my unfit and painful body.

I suspect I managed 5 minutes before citing boredom and getting on with some work. Despite there being an interesting programme on the box.

Later on in the day I tried again, this time I would time myself and set some goals (different gears for 60 seconds, up and down the sprocket), more interesting. I managed 7 minutes 40 seconds.

I started to think of the Sufferfest films which i’ve heard bandied around the internet, and how this seemed to motivate people, so went through the TV guide suspecting that as the Tour de France starts on Saturday that I might be able to watch some TdF related programming – I struck lucky and ESPN Classic (a channel I didn’t even know existed, let alone featured on my channel list) were showing the 2009 Paris stage that Mark Cavendish won; followed by the epic Mount Ventoux stage when Pantani swept from way down the field to pip Armstrong at the line in 2000.  That’ll do.

When the time came I got myself set up, and pedalled away in front of the TV again. Not trying to emulate what I was watching, just cranking away. When I started to feel a bit “done” I thought about what I was watching, the break-aways on the mountain after a 4 hour slog, and how pathetic I was being after just a few minutes in the comfort of my living room.

When I really could do no more I shocked myself, I’d managed 40 minutes, worked up an awesome sweat and felt pretty good about myself.

I can’t wait to get outside, but until I’m confident that my back wont let me down, miles from home this seems to be the best option.  The channel is doing the same again tonight, and I suspect you’ll find me mounted on my Tachyon steed. On that note, the bike needs a nick-name; answers on a postcard.