And this is it.

You can catch-up on the back story on the “about” page, but this is day one of the next part of my story. I weigh in at almost 22 stone and almost 140kgs.

I’m hoping that this blog will inspire me to continue and not find it easier to sit back on the sofa when I could be doing something better for my future, that of my baby son and my wife.

Along the way there’ll probably be lots of Stats

  • myfitnesspal tells me that at lunchtime today I ate 750cal, taking me to a total of 1240 for the day so far, of which 56% has been carbs, 20% fat and 24% protein.
  • My BMI today is 39.9
  • My weight today is 138.4kg
  • My BMR is around 2,800-3,000 depending on source

I daresay weight, mileage and anything else that springs to mind will feature as well.

I finally found a use for that DIY book

I picked the bike up yesterday, not had a chance to have it out on the road yet, but managed to get 15mins on the turbo before Mrs. Orange got home.  I’ve added SPDs and getting the cleats onto the shoes was a mission in itself, let alone learning to ride with them following the mantra of “learn to get your weaker foot in and out, then you’re getting the power down with the stronger leg”.

Drawing inspiration from (and possibly plaigiarising from) Gaz and Toby I’m adding small goals, that are achievable, rather than saying from the outset that I want to lose 8 stone (which I do). I’ll cross these off as I complete them. I shall also be adding goals completed in the past, my last cycling career, that seem a long way off for me at the moment.